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Uttam Gypsum - One Coat Elite Gypsum Plaster

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One Coat One Coat Elite Stucco Gypsum Board

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One Coat Elite Gypsum Plaster

One Coat Elite plaster is a gypsum based plaster suitable for application on most internal backgrounds including bricks, block and concrete. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates formulated with special additives to enhance workin & setting characteristics.
It contains light weight aggregates to improve plasters workability, coverage, appliction & post usage behavious.
It dries to provide an off-white, smooth matt finish that is ready for painting.



Features of Uttam Gypsum - One Coat Elite Gypsum Plaster :-
  • Direct application, Single coat application
  • Free of Cracks
  • No maintainance required
  • Compatible with all types of paints.
  • Available in HDPE bags packaging.*
One Coat


Performance Drivers of Utam Gypsum - One Coat Elite Plaster


  • Dry Bulk Density
  • Wet Bulk Density
  • Initial setting time
  • Final setting time
  • App. coverage*



One Coat Elite

700 - 800
1.60 - 1.70
15 - 20
20 - 25

Application methodology : Surface Preparation

  • The background to be plastered should be thoroughly brushed with a broom to be free of all particles & background dust and clean traces of mould oil.
  • In case of hacking, provide 50 hacks (should be minimum 10-15mm).
  • It is recommended to pre wet th surface so as to achieve more spread and higher coverage.
  • Mix one coat elite plaster to water, use a mixing rod for thorough mixing and avoid lumps and unmixed residues.
  • Water to plaster ratio (1 part water : 2 parts of plaster) should be maintained to have a good cohensive workable mix.
  • Mix one coat elite plaster as much as required depending upon the immediate scoop of work, partially unused material to be kept well secured in dry place.
  • Once the mix has began to set, additional water should be added, as performance properties of one coat elite plaster will get altered, thus affecting workability, cohensive, adhesion and strength.
  • Avoid using a wet brush on the finished surface as that would leave permanant brush marks and thus spoil the surface.
  • A single coat should not exceed 13mm in thickness. If at all thickness more than 3mm is required, plaster should be applied in multiple coats.
  • After complete drying (usually takes 72 hrs depending on the thickness & weather conditions), the plain smooth levelled surfce is ready for painting.


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